My venture into the world of social media – Week 1

I took this course in the hopes of better preparing myself for my new role as a Web Content Administrator, and to familiarize myself with the various social media tools and principles in order to be able to bring fresh ideas to the workplace.

Having only have used social media for my own personal use (mainly Facebook for keeping in touch with friends) and switching employers from one that was and still is very resistant social media to one that is open and willing to embrace social media, I am now faced with the daunting task of acting as the organization’s web and social media point person. This includes keeping the organization’s existing social media platforms up to date and making recommendations for new opportunities.

social media revolution info graphic

This info graphic illustrates how popular various social media tools have become, and it only touches on a few.

I have labelled this task “daunting” is because I find that I am slightly overwhelmed by the plethora of tools available to us. It seems like before I can get a chance to get familiar with one tool, there’s a new one emerging, with new features, seems to be better and faster, and more utilized. For example, before I even began using my Instagram account Pinterest emerged. and it seemed to be taking off more quickly. In the end I got overwhelmed and decided not to bother with either. How does one differentiate between the various platforms and which one to use for what purpose? How does one decide whether to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Do you choose one over the other? Or is it the more platforms you are on the better?

I hope that as the course goes on and as we explore the various tools available that this becomes clearer to me. Does anyone else feel the same way as I do? Perhaps the more seasoned vets can offer some useful insight.


2 thoughts on “My venture into the world of social media – Week 1

  1. Richard Haskell

    ‘Daunting” and “overwhelming” are indeed the key words here! As you rightly point out, there is now so much choices, it’s difficult to decide in which direction to turn. Nice post; you raise some interesting points.

  2. dvrosolen

    I do feel the same! Glad to hear that someone else does too. I also hope to get a better handle on which platform to use when, etc. But I’m also curious to know what makes one platform more popular than others? And why is Foursquare on its way out? (I just registered!) And how do you keep tabs on this stuff? I’m guessing our future holds a lot of reading and researching…


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