Strap on your Goggles! – Week 2

google gogglesThis week we were asked to trial a QR code reader or explore a mobile visual service tool like Google Goggles and a the location based application Foursquare. I chose to explore Google Goggles because it offers unique advantages over application like Foursquare and QR codes, such as allowing users to scan any images and granting the user the control of what they want to view and what they don’t.

I tried scanning various items, including an Ikea catalogue, a car advertisement and wine label. Some worked better than others. I believe this is due to the fact that the technology is relatively new and most companies have not made their advertising fully compatible. Of all three searches performed, the car ad returned the best results.The application was able to detect the Acura logo, link to the Acura website and bring up a list of dealerships in my area. I was however, disappointed that the resulting images were not of the model that the ad was promoting. Actually, not one of the images that were returned were of the model in question. I think the company should think of better positioning their ads to work with emerging technologies like Goggles in order not to miss future potentially lucrative promotional opportunities.


Below are three possible uses for Goggles for public relations:

1) A municipalities and towns can enable their landmarks to interact with Goggles to increase tourism. A landmark scanned with Goggles can redirect the user to their tourism website to drive visitors to particular events or locations. An example of how this could be effective was if the CN tower was to use Goggles to redirected users the 360 Walk to increase participation and drive tourism.

2) Another good use for Goggles would be to change and monitor perceptions of your company or brand. Buick recently put out a series of Goggle-enabled ads to shift peoples’ perceptions of Buick from a big, boxy car for baby-boomers, to a company that is progressive and forward thinking.

3) Lastly, Goggles can be used to monitor a PR campaigns overall effectiveness. For example, an image gallery or web link can be set up for your campaign and Goggles can be used to measure views and visits, and monitor conversations on social media sites. It can also provide useful insight on how customers interact with your brand.


3 thoughts on “Strap on your Goggles! – Week 2

  1. Laura Dolman

    Hi Eva,

    I completely understand your frustration and experiences with Goggles. Though I haven’t tried Goggles myself I found similar frustration using my QR code scanner. So much of the information provided through the QR codes were not linked or even similar to the initial advertisement (similar to your experience with the Acura ad). I also feel that companies need to truly understand these tools before using them, as they will only frustrate their customers rather than making the process easier!

  2. StephS - prsocialweb

    I tried out Goggles too and found it really cool as a first time user. I found the photo-search results for big brands like Coca-Cola, Purell and Perrier worked well – probably due to the logo dominance in the things I Goggled. But I had less success with print text so I agree with you Eva about the limitations and frustrations there. It will improve as time goes on and I look forward to using it more. PR pro’s need to use user-friendly Smarts when using these tools. If done right, the potential is huge for building new and exciting connections with publics.

    1. estelmas Post author

      The Acura ad did not advertise that it was compatible with Goggles, but I thought I’s try it out anyway. I’m still looking for an example of a Goggles-enabled ad, to see how a fully integrated ad can work with this technology. They are pretty hard to come by. Let know if you come across anything of interest.


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